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Spinward Front

The Spinward Front is an Imperial warzone encompassing dozens of star systems that have been consumed by conflict between diametrically opposed human and xenos factions. It is centred on a sub-sector of the Calixis Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus called the Periphery. The bulk of the Spinward Front warzone is “off the map” in unexplored regions of the Calixis Sector. It encompasses a region that lies directly in the path of a massive Ork invasion, a region also plagued by traitorous secession and other alien and Chaos incursions. The battlefields of the Spinward Front are many and varied, and offer as many opportunities for glory as they do ways to die.

Our Forces

Dusk Volonteers
Gunmetallican Light Armoured
Harakoni Warhawks
Luggnum Sewer Rats
Maccabian Janissaries
Malfian Light Infantry
Merov Penitentiary Indentured
Mortessan Scythewind
Scintillan Guard
Terrax Guard

The Opposition

Fourtheden Home Guard
Severan Guard




Forward Outpost Epsilon XII

Common Lore

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Adeptus Ministorum
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