Drugs and Medicae

Amasec is a popular alcoholic drink that is distilled from wine. It can range from lesser quality brews that are barely fit for firebombs to well-aged and flavourful brands that have the tendency to get confiscated by higher ranked officers due to the fact that they are suitable for only the finest of the Emperor’s servants.

A common drug distributed by the Departmento Munitorum to squads likely to face chemical warfare, this drug can negate the effects of most dangerous gases and toxins if administered quickly enough. A dose of de-tox immediately ends the ongoing effects of both positive and negative drugs, toxins, or gases affecting the user. Using de-tox, however, is both painful and debilitating, and can cause several unpleasant side effects such as vomiting, nose bleeds, and a great voiding of the bowels.

A generic name for a variety of combat drugs most often used with Penal Legions. Once administered, the subject becomes fanatical and fearless.

Lho-sticks are common with Imperial Guard troopers and many menial workers. Each rolled paper tube contains a scented, mildly narcotic and addictive plant-derived substance, which is then lit, and the resulting smoke is inhaled through the tube.

Though this drug is prohibited and the subject of widespread crackdowns in the ranks of the Imperial Guard, obscura remains a widely used narcotic among Imperial subjects. Smugglers can make a good living importing and selling the drug to all classes of civilians and military personnel. Obscura-users enter a dreamlike state for number of hours. After the effects wear off, user enters a deep depression, unless another dose of obscura is taken.

Recaf is a popular hot beverage that is made from crushed and brewed leaves. The composition can vary from planet to planet, but most blends incorporate some form of stimulant such as caffeine or detoxified pharamoxine compounds. The perfect companion for a sentry’s long watch at night.

Also known as “onslaught,” this drug heightens awareness and improves reaction time, literally speeding up the user but causing fatigue and neural damage with prolonged use.

This drug can augment and even produce short-term psychic abilities in the user. If a non-psyker takes a dose of spook, he gains temporary psychic abilities but also suffers disturbing visions of Warp which can drive him insane. Saying that foreign drugs such as spook are frowned upon is a grave understatement. Anyone caught with this drug would find themselves on the wrong end of a Commissar’s bolt pistol, but addicts will be addicts and it is not uncommon to hear tales of a Guardsman fighting under the influence of spook. The only question he has to ask himself is if the risk of being caught is worth the benefits?

Stimm is a powerful drug that works to mask pain and drive fighters on when their bodies would otherwise give up.

The term tranq covers an array of artificial, alcoholic chemdistillates made by the low-hive masses of the Golgenna Reach. The techniques for producing tranq have been carried throughout the Calixis Sector by crew-scum, criminals, and most importantly Guardsmen. Drinking tranq numbs the body and mind, which provides a very different feeling than being drunk on amasec, rotgut, or other spirits. Though similar in the end result, the effects of tranq are unpleasant, depressive, and require an acquired taste.

Drugs and Medicae

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