Pro Imperator! Pro Hominum!


Troop transport “Triumph” exits warp in high orbit of planet Virbius. On the ship among supplies and improvised bunks of more then one Imperial Guard regiment being deployed on Spinward Front are men and women of famous Mortessan 1st “Scythewind” Regiment. Sergeant Wrax “Iron” Faust is summoned by his platoon commander Lieutenant Wolf along with other squad leaders to receive orders about planetfall. Their platoon will be attached to Maccabian Janissaries 37th Infantry Regiment for a top secret mission. They will be accompanied by Junior Commissar Solomon Fyren who just left Schola Progenium and joined Commissar detachment of Scythewind Regiment. After four hours of preparations entire platoon is deployed on the planet surface landing on improvised landing field called The Hub by local forces since it is the only logistic base and landing field on the planet. Guardsman notice strange armoured vehicle bigger then Leman Russ and soldiers dressed in light carpace bearing insignia not related to any Imperial Guard unit being present on the landing field. Soon three heavy trucks appear. They are vehicles of 37th Maccabian and they transport Mortessans to Forward Outpost Epsilon XII which is more then a few hours of driving away from landing field. During travel guardsmen notice strange hill which is long time ago abandoned hive city now being covered with vegetation. They learn Virbians left their hives during the so called “diaspora” when violent warp storm cut their world from the rest of Imperium for a period of four centuries. From that time locals live in nomadic tribes moving around the planet surface in huge caravans hunting and foraging or bartering for food and goods. Despite being on higher technological level in the past now they are down to low-tech weapons and equipment while their ancient vehicles are still in operational state while being well kept by tribal tech-shamans for generations. Upon arrival to Epsilon XII Mortessans encounter rather cold welcome since they don’t openly display their devotion to Imperial Creed or Drusian Cult. It is easily noticable that Maccabians field unusual numbers of Priests Militant among their ranks. Prefab Templum dominates centre of the base which is surrounded by rockcrete walls and four towers with Sabre Gun Platforms. Somewhere near motor pool is located small camp of Gunmetallican 5th Light Armoured Flame Tank Squadron with their three Hellhounds. After setting up billets Mortessans are allowed at ease during which time Corporal Rotha Nadel, squad Medic, encounters Sergeant Lana Mead of Maccabians, outpost Chief Surgeon. She gives Rotha some further info about Virbius and a some hints of what could be their mission objective. Sergeant Faust and Junior Commissar Fryne are summoned to base briefing room where Colonel Raxe Garn, commander of Maccabian 37th, gives them orders in person. Mission is search and capture or eliminate General Harvax Scarus commander of Severan forces on Virbius. Secessionists are waging devastating guerilla warfare against Imperial troops and Imperium is allready suffering of considerable loss in men and war material. Most damage is inflicted by mysterious Severan covert unit codenamed „Fists of Severus“ which leaves bloody trail of devastation and mutilated corpses after their raids on Imperial troops and facilities. It is really bad for morale, it costs Departmento Munitorum a lot and it must be stopped at once.




That comment was pretty funny (I second the motion). :-)


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