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Lost Squad

After a brief engagement with, what Biker-nomad Lorak identifies as Tribe of Stathakis, raiders Maccabian crew cheers their lifesavers. If Mortessans weren’t here with their courage and additional firepower, Imperial Strongpoint would be clearly overrun by attackers. Lorak claims that Tribe of Stathakis are their mortal enemies and that they collaborate with Severan Dominate forces. Proof of that is Autopistol with Imperial markings being removed from weapon grip. To express their thanks Maccabian Sergeant gives Cammo Netting to the squad so they can cover their Chimera for better camouflage. After brief consulting with Commissar Fyren, Sergeant Faust decides for them to travel during daylight hours despite the risk of being easily spotted by enemy scouts. They will trust Hak Lang competent driving skills, Rotha Nadel navigational training and „Baron“ Hosen superior tracking abilities. They set their mission in motion. While Hak Lang will drive, his comrade Bess will man hull-mounted Heavy Bolter while Hosen will sit on vehicle commander seat and operate turret-mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, a weapon of truly formidable firepower against soft targets. After first day driving they set foot deep into teritorry outside of Imperial control and found old tracks of some tracked vehicle heading toward the forested areas. They also found lost Purity Seal with lithany praising Saint Drusus written on parchment, a clear sign of Maccabian presence. On second day they found another trail of tracks and soon, as nightime was closing by they run into Kalanaris nomad convoy. It was impressing view of some hunderd trucks loaded with tribesmen and supplies being escorted by a hunderd or more biker-nomads. Since Lorak was with them he introduced squad to Chieftess Lera daughter of Brand, an attractive middleaged woman with very long blonde hair falling on her back clad in leather armor. Tribal Tech-Shaman performed some rituals on their Cimera which was also refuelled from tribal supplies. Trooper Hosen noticed that some of tribal trucks are are captured from Severan Dominate and armed with pintle-mounted Heavy Stubbers. Chieftess and her entourage of warriors provided squad with some intel on the area. They mentioned Birds of Steel flying toward mountain range and clashes with armoured warriors rappeling from the skies to attack their scout patrols. They didn’t meet Maccabians on their way neither they know anything about Dominate secret base. After spending a night with tribe squad loads up into their Chimera and continues their way. After some time spent travelling they stumble into wreck of Chimera Transport being destroyed from ambush near the edge of thick forest. There are nine corpses in terrible condition scattered around the wreck, all Maccabian Martyrs. Some squad members are terrified with scene of brutal carnage and smell of decomposing bodies but not Medic Rotha. She examines the bodies and founds that they are killed by weapons of non-Imperial origin, possibly xenos. Trooper Lang examines wreck and founds broken Dataslate and a Frag Grenade of very fine crafting with engraved Drusian Cult images. After examining nearby forest Trooper Hosen finds ambusher spot with some strange jagged markings cut into nearby tree trunks. Vhat is most strange there are no sign of foot, tracks or wheels on the ground. Trooper Lang manages to repair Dataslate and finds some intel about wherebouts of hidden supply route used by Dominate to resupply their secret base in the mountains. There is slight morale dloss among some squad members some of them murmuring about not going further but Commissar Fyren quickly disperses any defetist thaughts by simply sliping hand on a grip of his Bolt Pistol. In Imperial Guard cowardice is punished by death. They agree that Lorak will scout in advance driving his Combat Bike some one click in front and will report via Microbead. After some time Lorak reports contact with Dominate patrol. Most of Mortessans dismount Chimera and continue on foot except Lang, Rotha and „Baron“ who will charge in with Chimera after the rest of the squad neutralises enemy communications by sniping their vox-operator. That task falls to Trooper Jaeger and his comrade Spot who is spotting with Magnoculars. After preparing an ambush some hunderd meters away of unaware Dominate soldiers they open up. By showing wanderfull display of marksmanship Jaeger head-shots vox-operator leaving him severly wounded and disoriented. At the same time Sergeant Faust commands Covering Fire to soldiers while him, Commissar Fyren and Lorak charge towards the enemy with their Chain Weapons whirring and guns blazing. Commissar Fyren gets lucky shot on Dominate Sergeant severing his right arm from the rest of his body somewhere above elbow putting him out of action and bleeding. In violent exchange of las shots Trooper Jaeger manages to quickly finish vox-operator and two more Dominate soldiers while Sergeant Faust and Commissar Fyren get two more with combined firepower of their personal sidearms. Battle is quickly over. Last lightly wounded Dominate soldier surrenders on sight of approaching Chimera. Medic Rotha Nadel quickly dismounts their vehicle, stabilises criticaly wounded Dominate Sergeant and patches the surviving enemy soldier. Interrogation follows.


Sad će kliještica da rade! :)

Lost Squad

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