Pro Imperator! Pro Hominum!


After careful observation of Hidden Base Mortessans forge their plan for infiltration. They decide to insert during the nightime when there are only 5 or 6 enemy soldiers on guard. They will explore possibility of diversion by stealing some explosives from Supply Depot and wreaking havoc while most of the enemy are offguard. Trooper “Baron” has a number of ideas how to prevent Dominate troops to exit Barracks but it proves that any of them is too risky. They finally decide to use captured Severan uniforms and disguise some of them as Dominate troops, use rope to climb down the cliff and reach Supply Depot. As the plan sets in motion there is no trouble since enemy guards expect attack from outside the Base. They enter Supply Depot and there they discover Malcador Heavy Tank with insignia of spiked gauntlet surrounded by laurels. They briefly search crates and find a lot of Frag and Krak Grenades, Heavy Stubber with Backpack Ammo Supply, a lots of Medicae supplies and Melta Bomb. After a brief consultation they decide not to ignite Malcador because nois of tank engine could alert the enemy. Commissar Fyren commands them to head straight to the HQ Bunker where they will enter by stealth disable communications and try to capture some high ranking officer. “Baron” sets his firing position next to Bunker entrance and has a plan to pin down incoming enemy troops by Stubber fire in case of need. Trooper Jaeger and his Spotter are still waiting on top of cliff covering Gate and Sentry Tower. Commissar Fyren, Sergeant Wrax and Corporal Rotha enter Bunker and they find themselves in a Briefing Room with tactical table full of valuable enemy intel. They quickly pack all dataslates, maps and documents into Backpack and approach door to the left where they listen to the conversation of two Vox-Operators speaking about their home planet of Kulth. Mortessans strike fom shadows like snakes neutralizing both enemy soldiers quickly with their Warknives and redress into their Stormtrooper Carpace. Commissar Fyren destroys Long Range Vox-Caster while Sergeant Wrax finds communications Codebook. They proceed towards the room right of Briefing Room from where they hear snoring. Inside they find six beds, three of which are empty and three Severan Stormtrooper Officers sleeping. After quickly neutralising them They capture their Carpace Armors and Hot-shot Laspistols as well as Chainswords and proceed to the third room. Their Primary Target General Scarus is there sleeping. Rotha Nadel makes sedative coctail and all three of Mortessans jump on Scarus injecting him with enough drugs to incapacitate an Ogryn. They “pack him up” quickly, loot his weapons which are Bolt Pistol, Power Sword and Refractor Field generator and head out. Extraction is fast and in good order. It seems noone set the alarm. Satisfied with outcome they head down the mountain towards their Chimera. Lorak is worried because in his oppinion all went too easy. He mounts his Combat Bike and goes as a Scout in front of Chimera. A few dozen miles from Hidden Base Sergeant Wrax decides to break Vox silence and broadcast Base coordinates to Imperial military. Soon there are readings on Auspex signalling three vehicles incoming from behind very fast. Lance bolt misses Chimera by few meters and chase begins. After them are strange vehicles never seen before by any of them in life which are Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes armed with Blaster Lance Cannons and Venom Skimmer armed with Heavy Splinter Cannon and carrying a crew of five Dark Eldar Kabalites. “Baron” starts to shoot Multi-Laser from turret while the rest of the squad shoot their personal weapons through firing ports on Chimera sides. Sergeant Wrax orders everyone else to gather up whatever Grenades they have and throw them out of Chimera behind them for distraction. “Baron” has lucky shot and manages to destroy Venom Splinter Cannon renedering him harmless. Jaeger manages to place Long Las headshot at one Reaver Biker what cause loss of control and collision with tree. Second Reaver manages to hit Chimera into rear sending bolt of melting blue energy through entire vehicle but fortunately noone gets hit. He is soon silenced by another well aimed salvo from “Baron” Hosen. Their Vox-Caster comes to life emitting message from Gunmetallican Flame Tank Troop annoncing that cavalry is coming to the rescue. Suddenly Venom Skimmer breaks from chase and runs away at the same time as three Hellhounds of Gunmetallican 5th Light Armoured charge in from opposite direction. Mortessans and Scintillans cheer and greet to eachother and they all head toward Outpost Epsilon XIX. Mission accomplished…



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