Pro Imperator! Pro Hominum!

Hidden Base

After a brief engagement during which Mortessans have literally overrun Dominate patrol it is time to loot and interrogate POWs. Squad collects enemy weapons and ammunition and some Dominate uniforms and armour from fallen enemies. It seems that Domiante soldiers are less provisioned then Imperials. Commissar Fyren starts to interrogate surrendered soldier. He learns some valuable intel about a Supply Camp hidden in deep forest from where Scarus command post is supplied via route discovered by unfortunate Maccabian lost squad. Soldier is enlisted men from Fourtheden Home Guard 22nd and he denies that his patrol was searching for infiltrators. At that point wounded Severan Sergeant pulls out hidden Frag Grenade and tries to make suicide and kill interrogated soldier in the process as well as Mortessans close to the POWs but manages only to kill himself and does no other damage. After another set of questions about Scarus whereabouts it proves that Dominate soldier doesnt know very much. He decides to execute him on spot but notices small icon of the God-Emperor on a chain around soldiers neck. Soldier explains that he loves God-Emperor and purpose of their struggle is to free the most beloved Emperor from the influence of oppressors which are High Lords of Terra, Ecclessiarchy and the rest of Imperial authorities. Commissar Fyren puts a bolt in the back of his skull without any hesitation. From a single seed of doubt can grow a world of Heresy. Squad hides the bodies, cleans tracks and sets camp for the night in woods. Sergeant Faust commands his Vox-Operator to use captured Vox-Caster to monitor their communications. It seems there are lots of communications between Supply Camp and supply convoys running missions towards Dominate positions and hideouts in the area. Commissar Fyren reads captured book Severan Soldier’s Guide to Battle which is secessionist version of Imperial Guardsman Uplifting Primer. Among pages he reads brief manifesto of their cause and ideology. In the morning squad continues toward the coordinates marked by Maccabians to set up an ambush for supply convoy. General idea is not to attack but to follow them directly to Scarus hideout. After long period of waiting convoy finally appears. It is lead by Chimera Armoured Transport followed with four armed Supply Trucks, only three of them being loaded with supplies and one carrying a squad of soldiers. Sergeant Wrax decides to send Lorak on his Combat Bike forward while the rest of the squad follows in Chimera. They travel behind supply convoy for two days till they reach Mountains. There is a narrow road leading up to the Mountain range and they decide to leave Chimera there hidden and continue on foot. After nearly whole day of hiking they reach General Scarus Base in the mountains. Trooper Jaeger and Sergeant Faust carefully scout the Base with Magnoculars and notice that Gate is closed and well guarded by Dominate troops clad in Stormtrooper Carpace armed with Hot-Shot Las Weapons. They are probably elites. Vox-Operator now receives different kind of transmissions which are probbably communication between Scarus Base and some air traffic. Base is positioned on flat surface on the edge of mountain top but some distance below the peak. Squad decides to use cover of night and some stealth to move on higher ground above the Base for better observation position. After setting up some 500 meters above Base they dig in and camouflage their positions. Trooper Jaeger carefully observes all activity in the Base where Supply Trucks are being unloaded into large plastcrete Supply Depot. He notices large Barracks building which has enough space for nearly 100 troops. He also locates HQ Bunker Complex where the leftmost bunker has Vox antennae on the top and a strange Cave entrance directly under their position leading somewhere into the Mountain. Commissar and Sergeant start to consider tactical options. Lorak is discontent with the idea of climbing down the slope and hiding into Cave since he believes it is entrance into abandoned Hive where Children of Darkness are hiding. Meanwhile convoy leaves the base and few hours later Valkyre Airborne Assault Carrier lands on small landing field inside the perimetar. Some other high ranking officer clad in decorated Dominate armour and uniform visits HQ Bunker and leaves few hours later. It seems they reached their Primary Objective…



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