Pro Imperator! Pro Hominum!

First Engagement

After a brief preparation all Mortessans are good to go on a mission. While two other squads depart early in the morning, 3rd squad stays at the outpost a bit longer because Commissar Fyren managed to requisition broken Chimera Armored Transport from Maccabian Quartermaster. Trooper Hak Lang proves to be skilled Techie and he manages to get vehicle back into shape. In the meanwhile Sergeant Faust is approached by two local tribesman Lorak and Karth, both from Tribe of Kalanaris which are allies of Imperial forces on Virbius and usually serve them as a scouts or guides. Locals mention some terrible storms in so called Wildreness which is their name for area out of Imperial control. Also they mentioned forbidden Mountains which are ridden with Children of the Darkness who abduct people and make them disappear. After being persuaded with a few packs of lho sticks, Lorak agrees to serve as a guide to squad. After reapirs being finished squad loads up into their vehicle and gives mission a go. After travelling nearly all day they reach the farthest edge of Imperial controled zone which is guarded with a prefab Scutum-patter Strongpoint. It is a rockcrete bunker armed with fixed position Autocannon and Heavy Bolter. Crew consists of one Maccabian Sergeant and four Janissaries. They immediately offer squad a shelter during the night and Fyren and Faust exchange some intel with Maccabian Sergeant. They learn that on squad of Martyrs, which would be name for Maccabian hardened veteran troops went on to similar mission a few weeks ago and they turned MIA. In addition during last week there was a series of night raids on some Strongpoints a few dozen miles northeast of their position. No crew survived. There is possibility that was work of Fists of Severus. After posting night sentries the rest go to sleep. At some time during the early morning hours while still dark outside attack on Stronghold begins. They are surrounded by fifteen bikers armed with crude swords and occassional slug thrower. Bikers circle around the bunker firing their weapons sporadicaly and Guardsman set their weapons into action. Trooper Nieder “Baron” Hosen runs through trench towards parked Chimera but after he reaches it he is attacked by ambusing tribesman armed with sword. Commissar Fyren throws Blind grenade and creates smoke cover. Sergeant Faust followed by marksman Phrenz Jaeger tries to get into cover on bunker roof but is fired upon by attacker lying prone in cover of his bike and aims his Autogun straight into bunker entrance. Commissar Fyren tries to reach area covered in smoke but one of attackers jumps with his bike over the trench and tries to hit Fyren with a sword. Luckily immediate action by Corporal Rotha Nadel taking opportunity fire from the entrance distracts the attacker and he misses Commissar. Marksman Jaeger gets into cover and takes aim with a scoped Long Las. Trooper Hosen manages to evade sword blow and tries to hit attacker with heavy Chimera door but unfortunately misses. Sergeant Faust opens up from sandbag cover on top of the bunker but no luck either. Targets are fast moving or being well covered and decently armored wearing rather primitive but effective Chainmail hauberks. Commissar Fyren draws his Thresher Warknife and makes ambush in smoke cover. Flamer Operator finally gets out into trench and fires Flamer in semi circle. He instantly becomes primary target and is fired upon with long full auto burst. Hail of bullets fortunately misses but one manages to make a notch on his helmet. Trooper Hosen manages to avoid second sword attack and quckly draws Stun grenade and puts it under his opponent feet. Grenade bangs stunning the attacker and Hosen manages to get into Chimaera. Commisar Fyren is nearly hit by bike driving through smoke in full speed and he hits rider with his Warknife but desn’t inflict some serious damage. He changes his mind and draws Chainsword. Blade teeth start whirring. At this point fight gets chaotic, bikers circling around the bunker, Autocannon barking, Heavy Bolter roaring, Lasguns blazing, hails of bullets whistling around. Trooper Hosen starts Chimaera engine and then gets on turret-mounted Multi-Laser. He opens up on circling attackers and manages to catch one into full-auto burst sending him flying from his seat with his arm burned off and a couple of nasty torso cauterised blowthrough wounds. Soon the battle is over and attackers retreat in unknown direction. Time to count casualities and smoke a lho stick…



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