Pro Imperator! Pro Hominum!


After careful observation of Hidden Base Mortessans forge their plan for infiltration. They decide to insert during the nightime when there are only 5 or 6 enemy soldiers on guard. They will explore possibility of diversion by stealing some explosives from Supply Depot and wreaking havoc while most of the enemy are offguard. Trooper “Baron” has a number of ideas how to prevent Dominate troops to exit Barracks but it proves that any of them is too risky. They finally decide to use captured Severan uniforms and disguise some of them as Dominate troops, use rope to climb down the cliff and reach Supply Depot. As the plan sets in motion there is no trouble since enemy guards expect attack from outside the Base. They enter Supply Depot and there they discover Malcador Heavy Tank with insignia of spiked gauntlet surrounded by laurels. They briefly search crates and find a lot of Frag and Krak Grenades, Heavy Stubber with Backpack Ammo Supply, a lots of Medicae supplies and Melta Bomb. After a brief consultation they decide not to ignite Malcador because nois of tank engine could alert the enemy. Commissar Fyren commands them to head straight to the HQ Bunker where they will enter by stealth disable communications and try to capture some high ranking officer. “Baron” sets his firing position next to Bunker entrance and has a plan to pin down incoming enemy troops by Stubber fire in case of need. Trooper Jaeger and his Spotter are still waiting on top of cliff covering Gate and Sentry Tower. Commissar Fyren, Sergeant Wrax and Corporal Rotha enter Bunker and they find themselves in a Briefing Room with tactical table full of valuable enemy intel. They quickly pack all dataslates, maps and documents into Backpack and approach door to the left where they listen to the conversation of two Vox-Operators speaking about their home planet of Kulth. Mortessans strike fom shadows like snakes neutralizing both enemy soldiers quickly with their Warknives and redress into their Stormtrooper Carpace. Commissar Fyren destroys Long Range Vox-Caster while Sergeant Wrax finds communications Codebook. They proceed towards the room right of Briefing Room from where they hear snoring. Inside they find six beds, three of which are empty and three Severan Stormtrooper Officers sleeping. After quickly neutralising them They capture their Carpace Armors and Hot-shot Laspistols as well as Chainswords and proceed to the third room. Their Primary Target General Scarus is there sleeping. Rotha Nadel makes sedative coctail and all three of Mortessans jump on Scarus injecting him with enough drugs to incapacitate an Ogryn. They “pack him up” quickly, loot his weapons which are Bolt Pistol, Power Sword and Refractor Field generator and head out. Extraction is fast and in good order. It seems noone set the alarm. Satisfied with outcome they head down the mountain towards their Chimera. Lorak is worried because in his oppinion all went too easy. He mounts his Combat Bike and goes as a Scout in front of Chimera. A few dozen miles from Hidden Base Sergeant Wrax decides to break Vox silence and broadcast Base coordinates to Imperial military. Soon there are readings on Auspex signalling three vehicles incoming from behind very fast. Lance bolt misses Chimera by few meters and chase begins. After them are strange vehicles never seen before by any of them in life which are Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes armed with Blaster Lance Cannons and Venom Skimmer armed with Heavy Splinter Cannon and carrying a crew of five Dark Eldar Kabalites. “Baron” starts to shoot Multi-Laser from turret while the rest of the squad shoot their personal weapons through firing ports on Chimera sides. Sergeant Wrax orders everyone else to gather up whatever Grenades they have and throw them out of Chimera behind them for distraction. “Baron” has lucky shot and manages to destroy Venom Splinter Cannon renedering him harmless. Jaeger manages to place Long Las headshot at one Reaver Biker what cause loss of control and collision with tree. Second Reaver manages to hit Chimera into rear sending bolt of melting blue energy through entire vehicle but fortunately noone gets hit. He is soon silenced by another well aimed salvo from “Baron” Hosen. Their Vox-Caster comes to life emitting message from Gunmetallican Flame Tank Troop annoncing that cavalry is coming to the rescue. Suddenly Venom Skimmer breaks from chase and runs away at the same time as three Hellhounds of Gunmetallican 5th Light Armoured charge in from opposite direction. Mortessans and Scintillans cheer and greet to eachother and they all head toward Outpost Epsilon XIX. Mission accomplished…

Hidden Base

After a brief engagement during which Mortessans have literally overrun Dominate patrol it is time to loot and interrogate POWs. Squad collects enemy weapons and ammunition and some Dominate uniforms and armour from fallen enemies. It seems that Domiante soldiers are less provisioned then Imperials. Commissar Fyren starts to interrogate surrendered soldier. He learns some valuable intel about a Supply Camp hidden in deep forest from where Scarus command post is supplied via route discovered by unfortunate Maccabian lost squad. Soldier is enlisted men from Fourtheden Home Guard 22nd and he denies that his patrol was searching for infiltrators. At that point wounded Severan Sergeant pulls out hidden Frag Grenade and tries to make suicide and kill interrogated soldier in the process as well as Mortessans close to the POWs but manages only to kill himself and does no other damage. After another set of questions about Scarus whereabouts it proves that Dominate soldier doesnt know very much. He decides to execute him on spot but notices small icon of the God-Emperor on a chain around soldiers neck. Soldier explains that he loves God-Emperor and purpose of their struggle is to free the most beloved Emperor from the influence of oppressors which are High Lords of Terra, Ecclessiarchy and the rest of Imperial authorities. Commissar Fyren puts a bolt in the back of his skull without any hesitation. From a single seed of doubt can grow a world of Heresy. Squad hides the bodies, cleans tracks and sets camp for the night in woods. Sergeant Faust commands his Vox-Operator to use captured Vox-Caster to monitor their communications. It seems there are lots of communications between Supply Camp and supply convoys running missions towards Dominate positions and hideouts in the area. Commissar Fyren reads captured book Severan Soldier’s Guide to Battle which is secessionist version of Imperial Guardsman Uplifting Primer. Among pages he reads brief manifesto of their cause and ideology. In the morning squad continues toward the coordinates marked by Maccabians to set up an ambush for supply convoy. General idea is not to attack but to follow them directly to Scarus hideout. After long period of waiting convoy finally appears. It is lead by Chimera Armoured Transport followed with four armed Supply Trucks, only three of them being loaded with supplies and one carrying a squad of soldiers. Sergeant Wrax decides to send Lorak on his Combat Bike forward while the rest of the squad follows in Chimera. They travel behind supply convoy for two days till they reach Mountains. There is a narrow road leading up to the Mountain range and they decide to leave Chimera there hidden and continue on foot. After nearly whole day of hiking they reach General Scarus Base in the mountains. Trooper Jaeger and Sergeant Faust carefully scout the Base with Magnoculars and notice that Gate is closed and well guarded by Dominate troops clad in Stormtrooper Carpace armed with Hot-Shot Las Weapons. They are probably elites. Vox-Operator now receives different kind of transmissions which are probbably communication between Scarus Base and some air traffic. Base is positioned on flat surface on the edge of mountain top but some distance below the peak. Squad decides to use cover of night and some stealth to move on higher ground above the Base for better observation position. After setting up some 500 meters above Base they dig in and camouflage their positions. Trooper Jaeger carefully observes all activity in the Base where Supply Trucks are being unloaded into large plastcrete Supply Depot. He notices large Barracks building which has enough space for nearly 100 troops. He also locates HQ Bunker Complex where the leftmost bunker has Vox antennae on the top and a strange Cave entrance directly under their position leading somewhere into the Mountain. Commissar and Sergeant start to consider tactical options. Lorak is discontent with the idea of climbing down the slope and hiding into Cave since he believes it is entrance into abandoned Hive where Children of Darkness are hiding. Meanwhile convoy leaves the base and few hours later Valkyre Airborne Assault Carrier lands on small landing field inside the perimetar. Some other high ranking officer clad in decorated Dominate armour and uniform visits HQ Bunker and leaves few hours later. It seems they reached their Primary Objective…

Lost Squad

After a brief engagement with, what Biker-nomad Lorak identifies as Tribe of Stathakis, raiders Maccabian crew cheers their lifesavers. If Mortessans weren’t here with their courage and additional firepower, Imperial Strongpoint would be clearly overrun by attackers. Lorak claims that Tribe of Stathakis are their mortal enemies and that they collaborate with Severan Dominate forces. Proof of that is Autopistol with Imperial markings being removed from weapon grip. To express their thanks Maccabian Sergeant gives Cammo Netting to the squad so they can cover their Chimera for better camouflage. After brief consulting with Commissar Fyren, Sergeant Faust decides for them to travel during daylight hours despite the risk of being easily spotted by enemy scouts. They will trust Hak Lang competent driving skills, Rotha Nadel navigational training and „Baron“ Hosen superior tracking abilities. They set their mission in motion. While Hak Lang will drive, his comrade Bess will man hull-mounted Heavy Bolter while Hosen will sit on vehicle commander seat and operate turret-mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, a weapon of truly formidable firepower against soft targets. After first day driving they set foot deep into teritorry outside of Imperial control and found old tracks of some tracked vehicle heading toward the forested areas. They also found lost Purity Seal with lithany praising Saint Drusus written on parchment, a clear sign of Maccabian presence. On second day they found another trail of tracks and soon, as nightime was closing by they run into Kalanaris nomad convoy. It was impressing view of some hunderd trucks loaded with tribesmen and supplies being escorted by a hunderd or more biker-nomads. Since Lorak was with them he introduced squad to Chieftess Lera daughter of Brand, an attractive middleaged woman with very long blonde hair falling on her back clad in leather armor. Tribal Tech-Shaman performed some rituals on their Cimera which was also refuelled from tribal supplies. Trooper Hosen noticed that some of tribal trucks are are captured from Severan Dominate and armed with pintle-mounted Heavy Stubbers. Chieftess and her entourage of warriors provided squad with some intel on the area. They mentioned Birds of Steel flying toward mountain range and clashes with armoured warriors rappeling from the skies to attack their scout patrols. They didn’t meet Maccabians on their way neither they know anything about Dominate secret base. After spending a night with tribe squad loads up into their Chimera and continues their way. After some time spent travelling they stumble into wreck of Chimera Transport being destroyed from ambush near the edge of thick forest. There are nine corpses in terrible condition scattered around the wreck, all Maccabian Martyrs. Some squad members are terrified with scene of brutal carnage and smell of decomposing bodies but not Medic Rotha. She examines the bodies and founds that they are killed by weapons of non-Imperial origin, possibly xenos. Trooper Lang examines wreck and founds broken Dataslate and a Frag Grenade of very fine crafting with engraved Drusian Cult images. After examining nearby forest Trooper Hosen finds ambusher spot with some strange jagged markings cut into nearby tree trunks. Vhat is most strange there are no sign of foot, tracks or wheels on the ground. Trooper Lang manages to repair Dataslate and finds some intel about wherebouts of hidden supply route used by Dominate to resupply their secret base in the mountains. There is slight morale dloss among some squad members some of them murmuring about not going further but Commissar Fyren quickly disperses any defetist thaughts by simply sliping hand on a grip of his Bolt Pistol. In Imperial Guard cowardice is punished by death. They agree that Lorak will scout in advance driving his Combat Bike some one click in front and will report via Microbead. After some time Lorak reports contact with Dominate patrol. Most of Mortessans dismount Chimera and continue on foot except Lang, Rotha and „Baron“ who will charge in with Chimera after the rest of the squad neutralises enemy communications by sniping their vox-operator. That task falls to Trooper Jaeger and his comrade Spot who is spotting with Magnoculars. After preparing an ambush some hunderd meters away of unaware Dominate soldiers they open up. By showing wanderfull display of marksmanship Jaeger head-shots vox-operator leaving him severly wounded and disoriented. At the same time Sergeant Faust commands Covering Fire to soldiers while him, Commissar Fyren and Lorak charge towards the enemy with their Chain Weapons whirring and guns blazing. Commissar Fyren gets lucky shot on Dominate Sergeant severing his right arm from the rest of his body somewhere above elbow putting him out of action and bleeding. In violent exchange of las shots Trooper Jaeger manages to quickly finish vox-operator and two more Dominate soldiers while Sergeant Faust and Commissar Fyren get two more with combined firepower of their personal sidearms. Battle is quickly over. Last lightly wounded Dominate soldier surrenders on sight of approaching Chimera. Medic Rotha Nadel quickly dismounts their vehicle, stabilises criticaly wounded Dominate Sergeant and patches the surviving enemy soldier. Interrogation follows.

First Engagement

After a brief preparation all Mortessans are good to go on a mission. While two other squads depart early in the morning, 3rd squad stays at the outpost a bit longer because Commissar Fyren managed to requisition broken Chimera Armored Transport from Maccabian Quartermaster. Trooper Hak Lang proves to be skilled Techie and he manages to get vehicle back into shape. In the meanwhile Sergeant Faust is approached by two local tribesman Lorak and Karth, both from Tribe of Kalanaris which are allies of Imperial forces on Virbius and usually serve them as a scouts or guides. Locals mention some terrible storms in so called Wildreness which is their name for area out of Imperial control. Also they mentioned forbidden Mountains which are ridden with Children of the Darkness who abduct people and make them disappear. After being persuaded with a few packs of lho sticks, Lorak agrees to serve as a guide to squad. After reapirs being finished squad loads up into their vehicle and gives mission a go. After travelling nearly all day they reach the farthest edge of Imperial controled zone which is guarded with a prefab Scutum-patter Strongpoint. It is a rockcrete bunker armed with fixed position Autocannon and Heavy Bolter. Crew consists of one Maccabian Sergeant and four Janissaries. They immediately offer squad a shelter during the night and Fyren and Faust exchange some intel with Maccabian Sergeant. They learn that on squad of Martyrs, which would be name for Maccabian hardened veteran troops went on to similar mission a few weeks ago and they turned MIA. In addition during last week there was a series of night raids on some Strongpoints a few dozen miles northeast of their position. No crew survived. There is possibility that was work of Fists of Severus. After posting night sentries the rest go to sleep. At some time during the early morning hours while still dark outside attack on Stronghold begins. They are surrounded by fifteen bikers armed with crude swords and occassional slug thrower. Bikers circle around the bunker firing their weapons sporadicaly and Guardsman set their weapons into action. Trooper Nieder “Baron” Hosen runs through trench towards parked Chimera but after he reaches it he is attacked by ambusing tribesman armed with sword. Commissar Fyren throws Blind grenade and creates smoke cover. Sergeant Faust followed by marksman Phrenz Jaeger tries to get into cover on bunker roof but is fired upon by attacker lying prone in cover of his bike and aims his Autogun straight into bunker entrance. Commissar Fyren tries to reach area covered in smoke but one of attackers jumps with his bike over the trench and tries to hit Fyren with a sword. Luckily immediate action by Corporal Rotha Nadel taking opportunity fire from the entrance distracts the attacker and he misses Commissar. Marksman Jaeger gets into cover and takes aim with a scoped Long Las. Trooper Hosen manages to evade sword blow and tries to hit attacker with heavy Chimera door but unfortunately misses. Sergeant Faust opens up from sandbag cover on top of the bunker but no luck either. Targets are fast moving or being well covered and decently armored wearing rather primitive but effective Chainmail hauberks. Commissar Fyren draws his Thresher Warknife and makes ambush in smoke cover. Flamer Operator finally gets out into trench and fires Flamer in semi circle. He instantly becomes primary target and is fired upon with long full auto burst. Hail of bullets fortunately misses but one manages to make a notch on his helmet. Trooper Hosen manages to avoid second sword attack and quckly draws Stun grenade and puts it under his opponent feet. Grenade bangs stunning the attacker and Hosen manages to get into Chimaera. Commisar Fyren is nearly hit by bike driving through smoke in full speed and he hits rider with his Warknife but desn’t inflict some serious damage. He changes his mind and draws Chainsword. Blade teeth start whirring. At this point fight gets chaotic, bikers circling around the bunker, Autocannon barking, Heavy Bolter roaring, Lasguns blazing, hails of bullets whistling around. Trooper Hosen starts Chimaera engine and then gets on turret-mounted Multi-Laser. He opens up on circling attackers and manages to catch one into full-auto burst sending him flying from his seat with his arm burned off and a couple of nasty torso cauterised blowthrough wounds. Soon the battle is over and attackers retreat in unknown direction. Time to count casualities and smoke a lho stick…


Troop transport “Triumph” exits warp in high orbit of planet Virbius. On the ship among supplies and improvised bunks of more then one Imperial Guard regiment being deployed on Spinward Front are men and women of famous Mortessan 1st “Scythewind” Regiment. Sergeant Wrax “Iron” Faust is summoned by his platoon commander Lieutenant Wolf along with other squad leaders to receive orders about planetfall. Their platoon will be attached to Maccabian Janissaries 37th Infantry Regiment for a top secret mission. They will be accompanied by Junior Commissar Solomon Fyren who just left Schola Progenium and joined Commissar detachment of Scythewind Regiment. After four hours of preparations entire platoon is deployed on the planet surface landing on improvised landing field called The Hub by local forces since it is the only logistic base and landing field on the planet. Guardsman notice strange armoured vehicle bigger then Leman Russ and soldiers dressed in light carpace bearing insignia not related to any Imperial Guard unit being present on the landing field. Soon three heavy trucks appear. They are vehicles of 37th Maccabian and they transport Mortessans to Forward Outpost Epsilon XII which is more then a few hours of driving away from landing field. During travel guardsmen notice strange hill which is long time ago abandoned hive city now being covered with vegetation. They learn Virbians left their hives during the so called “diaspora” when violent warp storm cut their world from the rest of Imperium for a period of four centuries. From that time locals live in nomadic tribes moving around the planet surface in huge caravans hunting and foraging or bartering for food and goods. Despite being on higher technological level in the past now they are down to low-tech weapons and equipment while their ancient vehicles are still in operational state while being well kept by tribal tech-shamans for generations. Upon arrival to Epsilon XII Mortessans encounter rather cold welcome since they don’t openly display their devotion to Imperial Creed or Drusian Cult. It is easily noticable that Maccabians field unusual numbers of Priests Militant among their ranks. Prefab Templum dominates centre of the base which is surrounded by rockcrete walls and four towers with Sabre Gun Platforms. Somewhere near motor pool is located small camp of Gunmetallican 5th Light Armoured Flame Tank Squadron with their three Hellhounds. After setting up billets Mortessans are allowed at ease during which time Corporal Rotha Nadel, squad Medic, encounters Sergeant Lana Mead of Maccabians, outpost Chief Surgeon. She gives Rotha some further info about Virbius and a some hints of what could be their mission objective. Sergeant Faust and Junior Commissar Fryne are summoned to base briefing room where Colonel Raxe Garn, commander of Maccabian 37th, gives them orders in person. Mission is search and capture or eliminate General Harvax Scarus commander of Severan forces on Virbius. Secessionists are waging devastating guerilla warfare against Imperial troops and Imperium is allready suffering of considerable loss in men and war material. Most damage is inflicted by mysterious Severan covert unit codenamed „Fists of Severus“ which leaves bloody trail of devastation and mutilated corpses after their raids on Imperial troops and facilities. It is really bad for morale, it costs Departmento Munitorum a lot and it must be stopped at once.


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